At my company, we have at least 50 servers over a wide area network where certain files needs to be backed up. These machines are all windows servers, but all have different versions (ranging from 2003 up to 2012).

What I have in mind is to have a centralized machine to store backups and whenever a file has been updated in the field, the centralized server should grab the modified file at the end of the day (or week), but nothing else.

However, I also have a few additional notes and requirements:

  • Should be able to copy files that are currently in use.
  • I should NOT have to install anything on the field machines. I know some tools require licenses, but buying and installing licenses on 50 machines sounds expensive and a giant time sink.
  • Due to security concerns, I might not be able to convince IT to enable VSS.
  • Should be able to perform rsync in parallel.
  • I do not mind command line tools.
  • Having some integration with python or java would be nice, but not required
  • There should be some logging tool included to inform me when a rsync fails or if something else happens.

Is there a rsync tool that meets most of my needs?

  • Why not just use rsync over ssh ? articles.manugarg.com/backup_rsync.html Yes, you'll need to install something on the Windows machines, but it is free of license costs/issues if that is your major issue w/ installing to get this done... – ivanivan Oct 9 '18 at 19:18
  • @ivanivan I'm in the midst of exploring options, so there isn't a particular reason. Although, that being said, one thing I completely forgot to note is how well does rsync work with files that are currently being opened or read from? – yappers Oct 9 '18 at 20:48

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