I'm looking for a software solution that would allow me to monitor and log traffic (at least IP addresses, but it can be more broad) with distinction of each user in a WPA2 Enterprise Wi-Fi network.

Ideally it should (but that's not a must) provide statistic on traffic bandwidth.

Platform is irrelevant, it can be software running on e.g. OpenWRT/dd-wrt router or something more server, running on Linux (preferred) or Windows.

Destination of logs is irrelevant, if this software can send e-mails or log to file or trigger webhooks (or anything reasonable) is fine with me.

Software can be FOSS or commercial, with reasonable price (< $100).

Network: 5-8 users, 5-25 devices, currently WPA2 Personal, but i'll switch to Enterprise with RADIUS to use the above. I didn't decided yet on specific implementation (OS or hardware) of WPA2E hotspot, i'm open to suggestion.

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