Our company maintains two apps: a mobile app (made using ionic) that our clients use to create transactions, and we maintain a web interface (made using CodeIgniter) where client-admins login to manage/review the transactions of groups of other clients (Note: client-admins are also clients).

Our clients generate approximately 10K transactions/day, and these are all stored in a database. Our web interface currently includes several simple, non-graphical reports that pull from the transaction-database via custom-written SQL queries.


We need to improve the reports in our web interface; the improved reports will be much more complex to calculate, and will mostly be graphical (pie charts, scatter plots, etc.) We know the reports we'd like, and we have the technical expertise to write the logic behind them, but we are worried about getting lost in un-maintainable SQL, or relying too heavily on non-dynamic Excel reports.

Our technical team includes a part-time programmer, an Excel pro, and a database wizard. We have a budget to bring on some more programming help.


  1. Solution should integrate with CodeIgniter, either via embedding reports into front-end code, or via a PHP API we can call from our code. Does CodeIgniter feature any pre-built tools to help us get up and going fast?
  2. Should we be looking at third-party reporting tools, such as Power BI, that allow us to build and embed dynamic reports? Any recommendations for non-programmers?
  3. We prefer that the reports be interactive (able to filter data from the web page).

Looking for recommendations for building complex, graphical reports given our team and scenario. (We'd like to pursue a future-proof plan versus a quick-fix).


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