Is there a tool for test the Dedicated Server's bandwidth?

In the Switch I limited the Dedicated Server's port speed to 200M, but now I want to check whether the configuration is work.

How can I check it? is there an tool for checking the bandwidth?

I want to know the tools can test both Windows and Linux.

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You can use speedtest-cli, an unofficial command line client to popular network speed measurement website speedtest.net

Install using:

pip install speedtest-cli

Run speed test (with default options):


To see possible options:

speedtest-cli --help

The free network speed testing tool iPerf3 can benchmark the bandwidth.

You need two machines for testing.

On one machine ("server") the tool is started in server mode:

iperf3 -s

From another machine ("client") you can then measure the bandwidth, with server being the IP or name of the "server". The "client" must be able to connect to the corresponding port of the "server" (e.g. iperf3 default port 5201):

iperf3 -c server

Although you can measure against public servers listed at https://iperf.fr/iperf-servers.php, this will most likely not show you the maximum bandwidth of your setup. Anyway an example would be:

iperf3 -c bouygues.iperf.fr

If you have more than one server, you can use pv and netcat to measure network speed:

On first:

nc -l -p 31337 < /dev/zero

On second:

nc IP_OF_FIRST_SERVER 31337 | pv > /dev/null

31337 is example TCP port, you can change it.

Be aware that /dev/zero is easily compressible so using it for testing VPN speed will lead to incorrect results, as VPNs often use compression.

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