I'm looking for an application which is available on both Android devices (Samsung) and/or Windows-10 or browser.

I already know of Remente (which focuses more on life-goals and less on daily to-do-lists). I found several "to-do-lists" but all of them don't fit, as they lack several criteria (ordered by priority):

  • feature to plan your day in the morning and decide which tasks from your to-do-list will be done today (if possible planning ahead for one week, but not necessary)
  • widget for Android app where I can see my daily tasks
  • set a submission date and not a date where the task is actually done (which is my problem with Remente)
  • setting to decide if the task has to be one time or multiple times but without specifying how often exactly (e.g. studying for a test)
  • divide tasks to groups
  • feature to mark completed task, which moves them to some sort of archive

Does anybody know a software which includes these feature? The more features the better, at least the first three criteria have to be fulfilled.

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