Looking for utility/macro/plugin to paste texts from clipboard omitting leading/trailing white spaces. Couldn't find this feature in macros in PhraseExpress or utilities like PureText.



Consider CudaText editor, it has plugin CudaExt, which has such command: "Paste trimmed text". You can find command in the Command Palette dialog. It works with one caret only.

It is also in the menu: Plugins / CudaExt / Insert / Paste trimmed text.


After years of trying many, I have personally found Ditto to be the best all round Windows clipboard manager. I have been awarded a few answers for it on this site, which you can search for. Or Google for reviews, they will all agree.

By pure coincidence, the latest update, a month ago, now supports: 09-03-2018

•Per-monitor dpi awareness
•Added chocolatey install support
•Show image size in the description window
•Show HTML in the description window
•Show a message when there are no search results
•Added command line option to paste plain text /PlainTextPaste
•Special Paste option to trim white space

That last item should be what you are looking for. Try it, there really is no better clipboard manager


Ok, found "trim" macro in PhraseExpress does this trick :)

http://www.phraseexpress.com/ - freeware for personal use. Available as installer as well as portable.

I've been using this for many typing and macro uses. So I incorporated this macro as well. Very simple, create new phrase -> insert macro -> Text operations ->Trim ->Clipboard Set a hotkey for ease of use. I'm done :)

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    Glad that you found your answer ;-) Could you expand it a little. For instance, is a link needed to download the macro, or a link to its documentation. Don't forget that you can accept your own answer, although the system might make you wait a bit. Sep 28 '18 at 9:10
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    Okay the solution is updated.
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Keyboard Maestro (macOS) allows all sorts of clipboard manipulation with macros using search and replace.


http://hluk.github.io/CopyQ/ is pretty great. I used it to automatically create a file containing the clipboard contents whenever it changes. It supports creating text files if the clipboard is basic text, png (or other extensions) if I copy image data, '.url' files for urls, etc.

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