I generated a 65k x 65k (4 gigapixels) image that is basically a visualisation of the entire IPv4 address space from one perspective:

Hilbert curve of rDNS distribution in the entire Internet

No browser is willing to load an image that big, claiming it might be a gzip-bomb. This means I'm forced to split it into tiles at different zoom levels and add a front-end for interactive browsing of the map, just like in Google Maps (but for the IP addresses).

Is there a project that would let me do it quickly? Right now I'm thinking of experimenting with Leaflet's CRS-Simple, but that means I would have to figure out the alignment of the tiles, etc. to get a complete project. Is there an "all-in-one" solution that starts with a huge image and ends with a zoomable map? Bonus points if it supports Hilbert curves, or even better - IPv4 Hilbert curves, though just having an interactive map generator would be good.

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You could use gdal2tiles to generate an image pyramid that leaflet or openlayers can use to display your image in a browser.

There is a fairly comprehensive tutorial or a github project that wraps the code for plain images like yours and generates the required html page.


Besides gdal2tiles, you could use vips. Details are in here: https://stackoverflow.com/a/51852934/10168903

If you want a GUI based solution, you could use Photoshop or Microsoft Image Composite Editor. You would need a plugin from zoomable.ca though.


You could use the Syncfusion Essential JS2 Maps component. This will load any image/tile from the server and render it as a map. Also, it provides many user interactive features.

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