I am looking for something like TypeForm:

  • I can easily edit a form (survey)
  • I can publish it and share the link with people publicly
  • Is free for unlimited public submissions (you're charged for the account/surveys instead)
  • I get notified of submissions
  • I can use that data with another application
  • It's a Saas Web App platform

However, TypeForm doesn't have a photo field type. You can use the file selection, which can work, but I'm looking for a perfect match here.

The ideal software would:

  • Use getUserMedia
  • Display a preview of the "environment" camera (outward facing)
  • A button to take the picture
  • Functions for cropping
  • Other photo colour correction tools
  • The optional ability to find a photo or take a photo with another mobile app of choice

There are certainly software libraries to do all this, but I'm trying to bootstrap.

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