I limited the Juniper Switch EX3300's Interface input and output traffic speed.

But I want to test wether the configuration is work.

Is there any software for check this port speed limit function?


Lots of options actually, though many of them are easiest to use on UNIX-like platforms.

Possibilities include:

  • netperf: One of the original network performance benchmarks, I haven't used it personally, but lots of people do use it and the results are generally considered to be very accurate.
  • iperf3: Designed for testing bandwidth at layer 4, gives very easy to understand results and has good documentation. THis is what I would personally recommend.
  • nuttcp: A second derivative of one of the original TCP performance testing tools. I've not used it much myself, but know a lot of people who have.
  • bing: A rather neat tool that uses ICMP to test links with minimal overhead, which can actually test sub-sections of the full path between two systems.
  • bwping: Uses ICMP just like bing, and also reports on RTT and some other info you would normally get from the regular ping command.
  • flowgrind: Similar to iperf, but allows tracking multiple links simultaneously.
  • As spartan as it may seem, combining netcat/nc and dd can actually give you reasonably good estimates of network performance for lower speed (1 GbE and less) links.

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