Im sure this has been asked already, but everything I find seems to over the top, or costs an arm and a leg.

Im curious as to whats going on network wise on my home network. Specifically which devices are using the most quota and if any are hogging bandwidth.

My router allows for deep packet inspection, and gives an overview of network usage. but the GUI is crap and doesn't allow for filtering, time ranges, or anything for that matter. the most I can do is break it down to network type (fileshare, windows updates, http etc)

What im looking for is, i believe, a 2 part solution

First part and not as important but easiest to explain, is current network bandwidth usage, in semi real time. So if something is using more than its fair share of bandwidth I can find out what and stop it.

Second, and the main one im looking for. A history of network quota usage per device, able to be filtered down to a 10-30 min window, but keeping history for as long as disk space allows.

My network setup is as follows Managed switch (older Allied Telesis 8000gs) Multiple devices each with static IP VLAN to separate out various groups (security cameras, IoT devices, laptops / desktops etc)

I have had a play around earlier in the year, but couldn't get something to work how I wanted. Either things are too complicated for my needs, didn't keep data for longer than a few months, cost an arm and a leg, or required extra software installed on the clients

Happy to answer any questions as not sure how much to put here. And will keep informed of any progress I make.

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