I am a member in a non-profit organization having more than 100 members. I am in the division of allocating works & getting feedback/status of works from all members. My requirement is:

I will allocate works for my members. For example I will allocate a work "Buy 25 plants" to Member-A. and another similar work to Member-B. I will get feedback/status of works allocated to my members. Emailing, Scheduling the works, too. Which CMS/WebApp should I choose for my work?

I know, Choices/Preferences depend & differ on every person's need. I am not asking a choice. I have googled as much as I could. Couldn't find any such software. So asking here a way to start my search!


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You could look for a ticket system like SpiceWorks, where for each job you will allocate a ticket, set everybody to register or connect Spiceworks to LDAP and then you can manage the jobs effectively.

I don't know about scheduling but emailing works for sure.

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