I need to find a PDF viewer, working on Windows, that can navigate the bookmarks by keyboard only. In specific, it should be able to do these with hotkeys only:

Bonus point if night mode is supported. Comments and editing are not necessary.

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  • Open/close bookmark panel: F12
  • Focus/unfocus bookmark panel: F6
  • Expand a node: Numpad +, , Shift+Numpad 6
  • Collapse a node: Numpad -, , Shift+Numpad 4
  • Expand/collapse all child nodes: Numpad */Numpad /
  • Expand/collapse all bookmarks: Shift+Numpad */Shift+Numpad /

This isn't written in the document strangely.

Not only it support navigating bookmarks by keyboard, it also has a command line argument allow you to match an entry and scroll to that destination.

If you are on laptop and numpad keys are inconvenient to you, you can use AutoHotKey to remap those shortcuts. Here is my setup.

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