I wanted to record file system activity created by app bundle (Mac OS) or any processes started from a certain folder (in case of Windows).

I tried to use FSMonitor but it seems that it does not support process monitoring, only file changes system wide and it has very limited filter which makes it almost useless. I don't know what directories are used by application (and it may change over time), I want to watch on processes, created from certain folder, this is the difference.

There are also few APIs/libraries to to the same things in Python.

I'm familiar with shell scripting and Python a bit. Should I write solution by myself? Especially if I need to get data automatically via XML/JSON/CSV output.

I'd prefer to use a complete solution to save time if possible. Could you tell me names? Mac OS preferably, but I'll use Windows as well.

PS. I can't recall the name of the app back in time I used to reset trials by tracking all the changes since running the installer. And I'm pretty sure there is a name for such kind of software. If you know, please comment.

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