The last Firefox (Quantum) could not maintain back-compatibility for some add-ons (to understand the reason, see an explanation, but it's not needed for answering the question).

The Scrapbook extension was one of the add-ons to go. And as it appear, it won't come back any time soon.

For those who didn't know the extension, it was basically a way of saving web-pages or scraps of them. You got a left column with a list of scraps (similar to a list of bookmarks), that you could navigate through offline, and also annotate them. You could highlight parts of the scraps. That is, it was like taking notes of bits of information that you were reading online, and you could work further on them. Besides annotating, you could also organize them in folders, change names easily, delete bits of them.

Anyway, is there any software, not necessarily as an Firefox extension, that could provide the same functionality?

Maybe it would be even better to get a tool that's independent of any browser.


Pierre, I am not sure if your question still stays. For Firefox 60 and later there is an add-on called ScrapBee that provides pretty much the same functionality like the Scrapbook add-on and has a similar sidebar and search functionality in contrast to the WebScrapBook add-on that works differently. The ScrapBee add-on supports multiple RDF files, and the RDF file containing your data from the Scrapbook add-on could be one of them. It works great for me on Firefox 60.5.1esr with my data build by the Scrapbook add-on. If you face difficulties with the setup, take a look at the documentation. Good Luck!

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  • This one seems serious, but incomplete. Scrapbook had more functions for deleting parts of saved page, disabling js, text highlighting. – Pierre B Feb 23 '19 at 0:07
  • I don't think there is software that is 100% equivalent to Scrapbook at the moment, or at least I haven't found anything publicly available that is closer than this add-on. If the missed features are really important for you, you could challenge the add-on author to implement them for you. Alternatively, you can hire someone to build an add-on for you from the scratch. I am not the author, neither related to them, neither a candidate for building add-ons. I just want to bring some ideas hoping they could be of help. – Alex Feb 28 '19 at 0:36

I too enjoyed the Scrapbook add-on for many years. I am now using OneNote 2016 as a replacement. Onenote 2016 does most of the things I relied on Scrapbook to do. It is available as an add-on for the major browsers but, what I like the most is the standalone version.

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Scrapyard is aimed to be a usable ScrapBook alternative for Firefox Quantum which does not depend on external helper applications. It has number of great additional features, such as Firefox bookmark integration, cloud bookmarking or markdown/org-mode formatted bookmark/archive notes. Please, give it a try.

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  • Welcome gchristnsn! Please disclose your affiliation with this software within your answer. Thanks! – RockPaperLizard Dec 30 '19 at 9:32

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