I would like to have a software tool to create/modify/view table relationships in a SQLite database in a visual way, something like the picture below. For a MySQL database, I can use the MySQL workbench to view 1-to-many relationships. Is there an equivalent tool for SQLite?

example image


Dbeaver is also a great tool to work with databases including SQLite and can visualize the relations between tables

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The viewing part can be achieved using SchemaCrawler; amongst its features, it generates database diagrams. It supports various database formats, including SQLite. Disclaimer: I haven't used it (yet).

Here is an example image, found on the roman10 website.

enter image description here


Datagrip by jetbrains supports SQLite. I've used it for other (MySQL, Oracle) types of databases, and it's been good. However, I haven't used it for SQLite.

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