I used Libsodium.js to encrypt some text (demo fiddle here), and then I learned that Libsodium.js doesn't support iOS 11.2.

I now need an alternative JavaScript library that can encrypt and decrypt using the AEAD XChaCha20-Poly1305-IETF algorithm (and supports iOS 11.2).


This ciphertext hES7K2vAVFRJviAcy3k6fDRh8TY+fvBC+AmEROk7onQS4IRTGZB/GBBmUUpy70VsfpsH8gVi1ql1sKZZuw== must decrypt to shhh this is a secret when let key = sodium.from_hex("724b092810ec86d7e35c9d067702b31ef90bc43a7b598626749914d6a3e033ed"); (using whatever equivalent function will create a key from that string).

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