I am doing some git merging and there is a conflict.

Usually the conflicts are small (less than 10 lines) but this has lots of conflicts that are more than 10 lines each.

What software would you recommend to view the conflict side by side?

Can I use vimdiff?

Currently I just open the file with conflicts in vim and manually edit.

  • Personally, I like Kdiff3, but as you don't give many requirements, there are many possible answers Sep 11, 2018 at 13:43

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The vim-fugitive plugin has a nice "Gdiff" command that allows you to show the conflicts side-by-side. I use it quite regularly and most of the time it's OK for me. There's a screencast about its use as well.


There are quite a lot of diff viewers:

  1. KDiff3
  2. Meld
  3. Kompare.
  4. Emacs (yeah, I went there).
  5. Vim (and there too!).
  6. Diffuse

That's all I can remember right now.

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