I am studying networking, I am looking for a software for Mac for testing.

It must allow me to create a router, switch, and server.


Is there a software for testing Juniper devices?

  • Do you mean connecting physical Juniper devices for testing or software appliances?
    – kenchew
    Commented Sep 14, 2018 at 1:03

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Download and install VirtualBox.

Download a Ubuntu ISO, and install that in a VM.

In your Ubuntu VM, download, install, and run Cisco Packet Tracer. It is the gold standard for teaching routing and router theory.

Replace Ubuntu with Windows if you want, and have a license...


Try GNS3.

It is a network simulator that can do what you need and runs on Mac.

This intro should get you start on building a simulation.

For Juniper, you can import the vm.

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