I have some drum tabs, and I want to play them as music. I also want to edit them and try to build the song into something better. I found drumtabber.com which basically does exactly what I want - keyword being basically. Beyond the basics, I'm stuck.


  • able to use instruments beyond the basic drum set, e.g. cowbell.
  • able to add a wide variety of other percussion instruments.
  • works in browser.
  • not based on flash player.

Nice to have:

  • works offline
  • export/save edited tabs
  • download edited song as sound file (MP3, FLAC, WAV, etc.)

I'm ok with paid options. And if nothing else, I'm ok with building something myself - in which case I would be very happy if someone could point me to enough open source libraries and stuff where these features already exist so that I can Frankenstein them together.

  • Upvote for more cowbell :-) Welcome aboard, I think I am going to enjoy your questions – Mawg Sep 6 '18 at 10:44

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