I am looking for a decent self-hosted photo management database where users can upload, download and organize and share the images in a common corporate database.

These are the requirements:

  • self-hostable preferably with a cheap web hoster (PHP, WordPress or something) but a dedicated Linux server would also suffice
  • be able to read and index EXIF, XMP data to for searching, including date, artist, resolution, geolocation
  • tag images with arbitrary searchable tags
  • organize images in albums (same images can appear in multiple albums)
  • add searchable description to images and albums
  • multi user support: restrict access to certain albums or images by users similar to nextCloud/ownCloud/DropBox
  • share link to certain images or albums with the public
  • bulk upload and download of images
  • nice to have: bulk edit of images (tags, EXIF, XMP, add to album)
  • less than 1000 € single purchase or 20 €/month (hosting costs not included) for up to 100000 JPEGs and 50 users
  • the best option should be jce. please see softwarerecs.stackexchange.com/questions/48558/… user levels can be defined as well. – onurcano Sep 4 '18 at 11:50
  • @onurcano22 That seems oriented at managing content for display in a website, not for photo management. It lacks... most of the features above. – mattdm Sep 4 '18 at 12:42
  • you can handle the other features with Joomla and its extensions – onurcano Sep 5 '18 at 19:41

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