I am an English language learner.

I encounter serious problems when watching a lot of English language videos. Some speakers talk so fast that I do not understand exactly what they are saying.

Of course, some videos on YouTube have online subtitles, but when I download them, the subtitles are not downloaded with those movies.

Therefore, this is my question:

Is there a software to convert a voice (voice of a particular video, talking in English) to a written text(Voice-to-Text), and also add this written text as subtitles to that particular video, simultaneously?

As an example this video has an online subtitle but when you download it, the subtitle will disappear. Any idea? (Except for using screen recorders softwares like this)

NOTE: I'm not looking for sites like Subscene, SubtitleSeeker etc. Because I'm not actually watching movies or TV series, but I'm watching scientific videos which actually do not have any prepared subtitles and also do not exist in YouTube(So this is not a YouTube problem).

I'm using Windows and Android. Concerning the price, I'm not a child from well-off families.

I'd appreciate your comments & suggestions!



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