This might be super basic but I just can't seem to find a simple answer anywhere. (Maybe because there is no simple answer.)

I want a log (preferably CSV) emailed to me daily that shows:

  • Device (Mac Address is fine)
  • Website Visited
  • Time

Is there software that I can run on my mac a home that will do this? If it will just save the CSV then I could run something else that sends the file to me I suppose.

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    When you say "device", do you mean the MacOS computer you are using? Or do you want to remotely monitor other devices, for instance an Android phone? – Nicolas Raoul Aug 27 '18 at 7:10
  • A custom DNS server comes to mind. It allows to log DNS queries on a whole network. However, I feel you are looking into something more simple? – Marcel Aug 28 '18 at 10:48
  • I mean all the other devices on the network, not just the computer running the software. – Just Shopping Aug 31 '18 at 12:46
  • Custom DNS would work but then I would have to assign that to all the devices one by one which would be annoying. Mostly because we have AT&T internet which makes it so you can't edit DNS. – Just Shopping Aug 31 '18 at 12:48

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