I am currently working on a new OData based API for one of my projects. I would like to have an (preferably UI based) tool which allows me to browse, test and validate the API.

A lot of people claim OData is the best way to make RESTful APIs but the selection of tools for working with them is terrible.

Concrete tasks I would like to fulfill with the tool:

  • Validate my OData schemas / metadata
  • Visualize the current data model (schema)
  • Query the available entity sets with a UI query builder and grid.
  • Create and modify entities provided via API

As development happens locally, the tool must be able to use local APIs.

The following tools I already evaluated:

  • xodata: Looks best from the online demo, but is discontinued and not available anymore; also not free (https://pragmatiqa.com/product_xodata.html)
  • OpenUI5 Odata Explorer: Has tons of dependencies that are not available in the expected structure. I tried to set it up locally but failed. (https://github.com/hschaefer123/odataexplorer)
  • Microsoft Excel: Simply claims that the metadata is not valid even though it is (no details about what is invalid).
  • LinqPad with OData v4 Connection from Dmtrii Smirnov: Also complains about invalid metadata (doesn't know about NavigationProperty element which is valid).
  • Postman: Only allows raw queries, no direct handling of OData requirements.
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  • Im searching as well. OpenUI5 Odata Explore only would support OData v2 and not v4 as you requested – Joker Nov 9 '18 at 14:44

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