Broadly, we are a Microsoft shop and our company manages about 1,500 certificates, mostly for our websites. We are no longer doing self-signed certificates and another contracted company "manages" the certificates, but this doesn't mean they do the full replacement. They stop short of configuring the websites in Windows' IIS to use the new certificates as that does not fall under their pervue.

My question is: How can we efficiently handle the renewal and installation of certificates? Is there some product that will automatically handle renewing a cert, installing it on a machine, and configuring IIS?

I web searched and found products of varying capabilities, but didn't see anything that I understood to handle this.

  • If you don't use Extended / Organization Validated certificates (ie those which contain more than your domain name in the certificate), you can use Let's Encrypt and in particular one of the ACME clients for Windows / IIS listed here which will automatically request, renew and install certificates once configured. I have no particular recommendation though -> no formal answer. – SEJPM Sep 6 '18 at 12:22

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