I'm looking for an as-lightweight-as-possible (possibly portable) clipboard manager for Windows with the following core functionality:

  • Infinite history in an appropriate format (not a single file, as CLCL has)
  • All formats supported, even custom ones and also for history and sync
  • Provide meta information like timestamp, device, window title, sourceURL

The following functionality could be implemented or achieved externally:

  • Sync (encrypted, possibly git-based)
  • History viewer that lets copy the elements again
  • Encrypted persistance (I'd probably just go for EFS)

  • Nice-to-have:
    • portable on Windows
    • encrypted persistancy
    • multi-platform
    • customizable/pluggable/scriptable/extensible
    • open source and developed in the open.
  • I think for performance reasons it makes sense to keep some, but not all history entries in memory

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