I have worked on a few rich text editors of the WYSIWYG flavor. Give users ability to bold text, no big deal. I have also worked on on a doc that was using contenteditable, which was unpleasant. I am now tasked to work on an editor which should have some pretty neat feature requirements. I am pretty far down the road (in development) with an editor I picked after an evaluation process and I am seeing it was a bad decision. I need to back out of this.

Having to choose another editor I realize I don't know how to pick a rich text editor.

I'm looking for an editor (WYSIWYG or WYSIWYM, not sure of the diff) that can do some pretty cool things.

  • Collaboration where multiple people are editing the document at the same time (like Google Docs)
  • Commenting/tagging on specific words or sentences via highlighting (again, like Google Docs)
  • In editor affordances such as floating buttons and right-click menus to add additional styling and meaning to the text

What sort of editor am I looking for?

Which editors make sense for me to consider?

What indicators of fit should I be looking for in an editor?

Thank you so much

  • Welcome to Software Recommendations! How you should chose we cannot tell. What you are looking for is what you have to tell us (see here for reference – then check if an edit would increase your chances). Note that at SR we only recommend software meeting requirements you specify. "General advice" is rather off-topic here. So where (and with what technology) should the editor be integrated? Must it be open-source, or at least come without payment – or is there a budget you're willing to spend? – Izzy Aug 23 '18 at 15:02

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