I'm looking for a library or tool (a C++ library would be the best for me) to get code outlining information from a source code file (.c and .cpp at least, but support for other languages would be nice).

In other words I need to obtain a list of classes, stuctures, functions, etc.

You can get an idea of what I mean looking at Visual Studio Code's outline view:

Visual Studio Code outline feature

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Gnat Programming Studio has now a C/C++ mode which uses clang as a parsing library.

(free version: https://www.adacore.com/community)

It has an API, I didn't look too much into it but it's very efficient & complete. With the GPS IDE which uses clang lib, I could parse C++11 with templates without issues.


note: I'm not affiliated either to clang or AdaCore (GNATPro) software. I'm just a satisfied customer.

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