My company sells educational solutions for companies/corporations. We are currently taking over the education program of a corporate group of tractor-dealers & workshops. At the moment they work with an Excel sheet with on X the different courses and on Y all the dealers and their employees. If an employee has finished a course it will be marked and it adds up to the total amount for each dealer (see below). excel sheet showing training passport

My question is if there are more user-friendly and better solutions for this. It has to be either web-based or running on MS Windows. Budget is max $100-150

What I'm missing in the current situation:

  • Quick search a dealer to check data
  • Easy sorting and filtering of data
  • Get a form with checkboxes to assign classes to employees
  • Press a dealer to get an overview of what possible sales could be made

I am aware that many of the above could be achieved with VBA but I was hoping on a more premade solution.


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