Is there a shell extension or something that allows me to delete files from Explorer, even if it has to take ownership and adjust the permissions of the files first?


Take Ownership is a Registry file that adds an Explorer context-menu item to change ownership of a file.

For some other tools, and a caveat, see 6 Tools To Take Ownership and Get Full Control Of Files and Folders.

CrystalRich LockHunter will unlock or delete files locked by a process, though it won't change ownership.

N.B. There is the potential to create havoc in the OS that may make a system completely unusable. Also, check any downloaded utility at VirusTotal.com.

  • A very good answer! I wasn't aware of take OWnership, but can't recommend LockHunter enough - a "must have" tool for everyone. – Mawg says reinstate Monica Aug 20 '18 at 8:30

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