I'm using coverlet and .Net Core to develop an API, I started to make unit tests (the only tool I've found for .Net Core was coverlet).

I got the coverage, but I only can get files like json, xml etc.

I would need to see an HTML or something more visual to be able to handle the tests fastly.

Here is my current output on terminal:

| Module                    | Line   | Branch | Method |
| rede-merchants-cancel-api | 12,5%  | 0%     | 16,7%  |

And a part of the output with json:

"Program.cs": {
  "Program": {
    "System.Void rede_merchants_cancel_api.Program::Main(System.String[])": {
      "Lines": {
        "9": 0,
        "10": 0,
        "11": 0
      "Branches": []
    "Microsoft.AspNetCore.Hosting.IWebHost rede_merchants_cancel_api.Program::BuildWebHost(System.String[])": {
      "Lines": {
        "14": 0,
        "15": 0,
        "16": 0
      "Branches": []

There is some tool to make that?

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I've found an answer, what I tried first was using the docker-dotnet-sonarscanner, but I couldn't setting that very well, then I adopted another approach:

  1. Install coverlet, which gives me the code coverage for .Net Core in many formats: json (default), lcov, opencover and cobertura.
  2. Install a plugin for VSCode where I could see the code coverage in a nice way, and its name is coverage-gutters.
  3. Use the command available on the coverlet docs to output the code coverage with the lcov format, to be able to use with the plugin of code coverage.
  4. Extra - Use a plugin to run the tests on VSCode instead of CLI (I didn't tried that), with .Net Test Explorer it's possible but I think it would be necessary to change the command to be able to output what you need.
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