I was wondering if there is any ad blocker that still blocks the add, but makes the receiving ad party thinks the ad is being watched (and so generates income). I want to support some websites, bud I don't want adds.

Is there something for this that runs on Windows (Android would be nice as well) and costs $50 max?

  • One note from an ethics standpoint: What you are looking for is essentially an advertising fraud tool. – Michael Kohne May 13 at 16:57

Not exactly as requested, but you can try the Brave browser. It is based on Chromium, it has embedded ad blocker, anti-tracking, Tor browsing and other privacy measures. It allows you to anonymously reward content creators based on amount of time you've spend on their resources, as a compensation for lost ad revenues. You can also tip your favorite creators, also anonymously. Wikipedia, DuckDuckGo and many others are already accepting these Brave rewards and tips.

  • Before choosing Brave, do look into their history. They've had several instances of borderline unethical behavior including one with auto-completion giving referral links (zephyrnet.com/…), and another where they were automatically collecting money for creators who never signed up for any such thing (beincrypto.com/…). Basically, these guys are a bit shady in my opinion, and I would be careful about trusting them. – Michael Kohne May 13 at 16:55
  • @MichaelKohne the second case looks to me like a misunderstanding about how Brave works. It does not "collect money for creators who never signed up". The browser measures time spent by you on each website and tries to allocate your monthly limit of tokens to spend according to the ratio of attention each site received. But if some site creators have not opted in (i.e. didn't explicitly create their creator's accounts), then tokens allocated to them will remain unclaimed and return back to the user. Only those creators who registered and verified receive tokens and can convert them to money. – Bronx May 17 at 7:22

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