OK. This may sound very stupid but please bear with me. I am new to Python and I am self-learning Python 3 currently. Whenever I get stuck on something, I will google for it first.

But very often I type into Google something like:

python <library name>

Search results often include stuff related to both Python 2 and Python 3. However, I want to only search for stuff only related to Python 3. I have tried +python+3 <name> and python3 <name>... but the results are not quite how I want them to be. Sometimes, I get frustrated to learn some new stuff from the web and I spend hours to try/debug the code, only to find out that the stuff is for python 2 only.

How do you guys find the tech docs for certain libraries, functions, etc? Like I want to find out what the arguments of certain defs are in numpy. Is there some help/reference software or centralized site which I can read about the docs of different libraries? How should I find it if my method isn't right?

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