LXDE doesn't install by default an email client. One option might be installing Thunderbird since:

  • large user base
  • one of the oldest
  • well-supported
  • installed by default on Ubuntu

However, after using Thunderbird for a while, you might realize the following disadvantages:

  • considerable resource footprint
  • uncomfortable GUI interface
  • annoying menus overlapping on top of each other
  • unpleasant to format messages
  • tough to manually append signatures
  • no plaintext/HTML switch

Is there a simpler email client with the specifications below?

  • simple, lightweight and easy to use
  • GUI
  • well-supported and tested
  • multiple accounts
  • folder storage with simple search
  • (un)read highlight
  • signatures with embedded image and easy to manually append
  • plaintext/HTML easy switch
  • to/cc/bcc with multiple entries
  • rules
  • import standard email formats from multiple directories and subdirectories
  • export to standard email formats

Note: additional features like chat, news client, RSS, personal information manager, big file linking, etc, are dispensable


Consolidated information so far:

| Email Client | Additional Disk Space* |         Limitations         |
| Kmail        |     210Mb              |                             |
| Evolution    |     130Mb              |                             |
| Thunderbird  |     115Mb              | annoying GUI interface      |
| Geary        |     60Mb               | no POP3/SMTP                |
| Claws        |     15Mb               | no write and send HTML mail |
| Alpine       |     10Mb               | text-based user interface   |
| Mutt         |     10Mb               | text-based user interface   |
| Mailspring   |     ?                  | closed source               |

(*) based on apt install info

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  • Have you ever looked at Seamonkey's mail client? I think it meets all (almost? "rules"?) your criteria, and the whole suite is a 48Mb download (100Mb on disk, though). "Out of the box" it launches to the (mozilla-based) browser, but you can set it to launch to the mail client under Preferences... > Appearance, "When Seamonkey starts up, open", the check "Mail & Newsgroups" option. Here's a decent screenshot from 2016. – Dɑvïd Sep 28 '18 at 18:02

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