I have an application for calculation of 3D trajectory of an object. The Three-tier architecture of the application involves:

  1. Reading a position sensor data
  2. Calculate the trajectory of an object that encaompasses position sensor
  3. Output the trajectory into a *.txt format,and finally, displays the 3D trajectory as X, Y, Z components

The sensor data stream management and trajectory calculation are all handeled in C++. I need to encapsulate the C++ module into a light-weight framework that allows:

  • to build a UI for application start/stop, display pop-up message during the run-time
  • The framework should be multi-platform (oSX, Windows, etc.)
  • The framework should be based on a project that will be maintained in next few years
  • Moreover, for the post-processed 3D-trajectory, it allows to display graphs like the image below , having the following constraints:

enter image description here

  1. The size of trajectory file, depending on the object movement duration can be a few hundreds of MB
  2. Zoom in/out option is required on the display and it should run smoothly over a few millions of data points
  3. The library should allow live stream of the 3D trajectory over a limited window of time (a few hundred thousand data points without zoom option in live-stream)

I've already used Electron to prototype the GUI and graph display and of course looked at a few other options such as LiveCharts, QCustomPlot and MathGL. I'm still not convinced that I know the best choice. All your recommendations are appreciated.

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