I'm looking for a software which can download podcasts as mp3 files on Windows (not Android/iOS).


  • Gratis
  • Windows 10 compatible
  • Downloads individual episodes into individual mp3 files.
  • Downloads in bulk, without making me take download action once per episode. Once I choose a set of episodes to download, it should not require any further input from me per-episode.
  • Clear reporting of which episodes were downloaded 100% OK vs. which failed.
  • No unreasonable dependencies (e.g., it's OK if it's a browser plugin that requires Chrome to be installed or needs some free VB DLLs; but not if it requires entire Visual Studio to run).
    • Exception: it's acceptable if it requires Windows Perl installation, as I already have Strawberry Perl.

Preferences (things that I'd like but can live without)

  • Strongly prefer if it can name the downloaded mp3 files based on individual episode attributes (date, episode title/number, episode name).
    • Less desirable but still acceptable is creation of a separate metadata file mapping downloaded mp3 names to episode metadata. I can parse that file and rename mp3 files via a my own script if needed.
  • Ability to choose which episodes to download is desired but not required. Methods of choosing are irrelevant, can be a GUI, or picking episodes from a file, or even filtering episodes by start/end date.

Don't care:

  • Licensing.
  • Support for multiple podcasts. I only need to download one single podcast, so I don't care if the software supports multiple podcasts or not.
  • UI/UX. It can be anything from a GUI app to browser plugin to Perl/Python/Powershell script.
    • A command line driven script is preferrable but by no means required.
  • Support for any other podcast listening functionality. As long as it can download whole episodes as mp3 files, it's irrelevant for me what else it can do.
  • Discoverability does not matter. Assume I already know the podcast name, and either direct RSS URL, or whatever address can be gotten from OPML file from an Android podcast app.
  • Fancy down-loader features are a plus but not required (e.g. no need to be able to restart partially downloaded episodes, or throttle, or parallelize downloads, or display progress per episode aside from "100% OK", or display speed of download/projected completion time, etc...)

P.S. I'm aware of a similar earlier question, but this one is not a duplicate as it has far less restrictive requirements and therefore may produce answers which do no satisfy the earlier one.

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