I would like to take notes more efficiently and fluidly for general-purpose purposes that span to include notes about software, lists on PC parts, student notes etc.

I find that writing plain text and having it output something that is very nice and stylized to be quite efficient for my note-taking needs as a student. Thus, the software I need should have these features:

  1. Cross-platform (or at least run on Windows 10)
  2. Markdown support
  3. Ability to create notebooks
    • This should also include the ability to create a notebook and group notes into folders/chapters. For example, I wanted to create a notebook called "Novel Notebook" and wanted to organize my notes into seperate folders like "Characters" and "Ideas".
  4. Manage notes with tags
  5. FREE <-- IMPORTANT! (preferably as in "free speech", i.e. open-source – but at least as in "free beer" (no money involved)

UPDATE - 7.24.2018: Found a software called Simplenote, however it doesn't seem to fit all the requirements as it lacks organizational functionality. I also found something called Laverna, but it is aimed towards programmers and I am not sure whether I should use it without a professional opinion.

  • You could try evernote
    – cybernard
    Commented Jul 25, 2018 at 1:34
  • @cybernard it doesn't have Markdown support. I have looked into it before. Commented Jul 25, 2018 at 1:50

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After testing more than 300 software, the best I can recommend are:

  • onenote is free and by microsoft, the best note taker I ever seen, it have all the features you mentioned above, you can add markdown support with addons like: onenotegem but i don t think you will need this, just test onenote and I think you will never look for other thing again.
  • zim-wiki it is good too, free open source, and have markdown, that is what I was using before discovering onenote.
  • cherrytree I like this one too, it is like zim-wiki
  • Nixnote this is one is like evernote/onenote, but it is open source, and it understand better pasted html text from webs. A must have.
  • typora this one is really nice, it is new
  • boostnote this one is new too and promising...
  • and of course I cannot not mention gitbook
  • Typora is cool, supports code snippets and TeX equation out of the box (making those work in zim-wiki was pain). Does it support tags, though?
    – Headcrab
    Commented Nov 2, 2018 at 2:36
  • @Headcrab no it does not. I had read that onenote added tags in his last version for win 10...but only for win 10 :( Commented Nov 3, 2018 at 0:48
  • Typora is no longer free. Commented Jun 6, 2022 at 11:37

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