I'm looking for a tool that would make easier for our team to manage planned newsletters, blog posts, facebook posts, etc.

It needs to be easy for use for non-tech savvy users.

It would be nice if it would have a "fields" functionality, so for example, we would have "Article" document type, with defined fields:

  • Title - plain text
  • Headline - plain text - max chars 80
  • Image
  • Text - Limited rich text editor with selected options
  • Pull Quote - plain text

example what I mean An image of from CraftCMS, however, Craft was made for an entirely different usage scenario.


  • version control
  • collaboration (comments, real-time editing)
  • folders or/and tags organization
  • no markdown
  • desktop app or fast browser app

Nice to have:

  • Shopify integration
  • Klaviyo/Drip/MailChimp integrations

We tried Google Docs, but it ended too complicated and frustrating to use for most of the team.

  • What I found myself is GatherContent, however I'm open to hearing some other options.
    – curious
    Jul 13, 2018 at 16:51

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Slite answers all these requirements and makes it super easy for teams to collaborate on this type of content + super easy to use for the entire team (versus Gdocs)

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