Is there a .txt browser that supports a pane on the right, with the file list on the left?

I've got 600+ txt files, with different records. Sometimes I need to quickly 'surf' through different files.

I know I can make the default Explorer do this, but there is a 1 second lag when I switch to a new txt file.

I want it to be...

  • Free
  • Running on Win 10
  • Preferably portable (small leftovers in registry/temp folder is fine for me)

Thank you!

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  • Free (And Open Source)
  • Runs on Win 10
  • Portable

To open the file pane go to View -> Folder As Workspace

Downloads: 32 bit Portable || 64 bit Portable



enter image description here


  • Create and reuse text snippets (like favorites)
  • Free version (NoteTab Light)
  • HTML & CSS code libraries
  • Autocomplete HTML code
  • Portable (runs from USB thumb drives)

Download page

  • This might be a good choice, but the screenshot provided doesn't show a list of files on the left like OP is asking.
    – John Y
    Jul 13, 2018 at 13:57
  • Pressing F6 appear the Quicklist whith the path and pattern that you preffer just in the left panel
    – Josem
    Jul 13, 2018 at 14:23

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