Task I wish to accomplish
Tell a python3 library [at a high level] to start recording video of the desktop and then later on, tell it to save to disk only the last n seconds that I want saved.

Why I want to be able to accomplish this task
A friend of mine is developing a selenium script and it could help his debugging to have say a video of the last 15-30 seconds prior to the script failing. Currently he's using logging and screenshots, but a video can be even more helpful on top of that.

I'm thinking about making a library myself with something like perhaps opencv if no such high level library already exists. I have written a library with these capabilities before in pascal, but I would however like to check that I'm not reinventing the wheel here in python (3) before starting the project.

Requirements for that task
-Supports at least windows

What I already know about software available for this purpose
I've found an old video recording library suggested years ago https://stackoverflow.com/a/17499307/8333189 but from my attempts at using it, it seems to only support python2, not python3. Also it's capabilities might be more limited than what I'm desiring.

This library seems to provide the functionality I want, and for python3! http://picamera.readthedocs.io/en/release-1.10/recipes1.html#recording-to-a-circular-stream But alas it seems to only work for raspberry pis? When I tried to install and import it on windows I got an OSError.

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