I am looking for something similar to Switcheroo, but for latest Ubuntu (with Gnome) or Linux Mint Cinnamon.

Switcheroo provides the ability to search for the open window by typing the name of the window. E.g., Right now I have the following windows open

  • Firefox - Stack Overflow
  • Terminal - /dusr/bin/
  • Settings
  • Chrome - Gmail

I can hit the Switcheroo shortcut – currently configured to Win+Space – and start typing the name of the window, e.g., Chrome.  As I type, the list of windows narrows and I can hit Enter to navigate to the selected window.

I genreallly have over 20 different application open at any time, and using Alt+Tab to find the window to navigate to is really painful. I would like to type-search-enter to navigate.

I am quite certain I have seen something similar for Ubuntu, but I can’t recollect how I enabled it or if it only worked in Unity.

I am currently using Linux Mint, so ideally it would be nice to have something that would work in Linux Mint.

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