I am looking for an XPath 2.0+ online checker not only for testing but also for saving and sharing - similar to online regex tester (like regex101.com) or online compiler sites (like ideone.com, rextester.com).

The idea here is to be able to have shareable samples, e.g. for Stack Overflow questions.

I found some XPath online checker, e.g. here A program / site paste some xml, submit some sort of xpath query and return a result, but none of them is shareable.

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So far I found three sites:

XPath Online Checker (shareable)

  • videlibri: Template / XPath 3.0 / XQuery 3.0 / CSS 3 Selector / JSONiq Online Tester
  • XPath Evaluator: Online XPath tester that supports XPath 3.0 and XQuery 3.0 via Saxon-HE 9.7 and XPath 1.0 via .NET XPath engine (GitHub).
  • BeautifyConverter XPath Tester (requires free registration, sports many other useful online tools like minifiers, beautifiers, converters, validators, etc.)

(not necessarily the best, so please feel free to add more/better sites & resources)

I don't know how long the links are retained or any other caveats. The first two sites do not require registration. I like the first one best, however, the permalinks are kinda long and ugly.

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