What I would like to achieve

I am organizing a meeting with people from different institutions and companies, and I would like to use an online polling tool, like Doodle, to let them choose dates and times.

I would like them to choose a day and a time in a range of 5 days, where they can also choose any 1-hour time slot from 8am to 8pm.


The problem is that, using Doodle, if there are many time slots then the online poll page is quite unreadable to read, as each participant must must look at a lot of options (see the two pictures at the bottom, especially the "week mode" page which looks horrible).

Possible solution

I think that the only way to avoid this is to only show the days plus just a range for time (e.g. from 8am to 8pm) and the participants, when they choose a day, should also be able to add the time slots (or sub-ranges) by themselves, or they can choose a time slot previously added by another participant.

Then I ask:

Do you think there is a way to achieve this using, for example, the Doodle online platform? Otherwise, do you know any other Doodle-like method or tool/website where the above-mentioned feature would be available?


Doodle calendar mode

enter image description here

Doodle week mode (this is really bad)

enter image description here

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    Have you tried whenisgood.net ? Jun 29, 2018 at 18:41
  • That is a very good suggestion, as the page with all choices is so much lighter and does not need scrolling! I would be very happy to see this suggestion as an actual answer to the question. Jun 29, 2018 at 19:57

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http://whenisgood.net is an online scheduler program similar to Doodle with a streamlined interface. You can click on a timeslot to indicate it's free, or click and hold to indicate a range of timeslots.

Plus, even if the page still shows all the time slots, this is not confusing anymore as it does not need scrolling, everything just fits in a small space, as shown below.


enter image description here

  • I added a picture to your answer to also show that time slots are much more readable than in Doodle without the need of scrolling, what do you think? Jun 29, 2018 at 21:26

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