I want an Android app that can listen to someone speaking and tell what language it is.


  1. Sound "The Maharashtra government has given a 90-day period for manufacturers to dispose of existing polyethylene terephthalate (PET/PETE) plastic spoons and plates, while shopkeepers and citizens in general have six months to dispose of plastics."
  2. App displays "English"
  3. Sound "Komunistička partija, marksistička-lenjinistička i maoista, prva i treća najveća partija u Predstavničkom domu Nepala, odnosno već su bili koalicioni partneri."
  4. App displays "Bosnian"


  • Runs on Android
  • Gratis
  • Ideally can listen from the Android audio output from the other apps, typically radio apps (optional)


I listen to random Internet radios, often from regions that have several languages in common use, and I often wonder what language they are speaking, with no easy way to tell from the station's metadata, additionally a single radio station sometimes has broadcasts in various languages.


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