This rather uncreatively named Windows tool introduces a keyboard shortcut, upon using which the active window grows to fill all the space available to it (not filled by other windows). This lets you easily tile windows when you need to without going for a full-fledged tiling window manager.

is there a version of that for linux? I am currently using elementaryOS with it's custom desktop environment, but I'd be happy to find an option for any linux desktop, GNOME/KDE/Cinnamon/etc.

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It's a bit hilarious since this WinMaximumize is something done in spirit of something available on Linux named Maximumize... On the download page he links to a screen recording of how it works on Linux....

But... It is a setting (named Maximumize) available in the compiz-fusion-plugins-extra package available for the CompizConfig Settings Manager available natively in Ubuntu (see this answer for some more details). So it is not officially meant for Elementary OS.

But see this answer on how to Install Compiz on Elementary OS

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