After asking this question it looked like K9 was the answer for me.

Now I see that there is no Windows version of K9, so here's the same question again, but for Windows & Android, the same client for both preferably, please.

I use Thunderbird as my Windows desktop email client. There is no Thunderbird for Android.

I actually quite like the Gmail client, but do not want Google reading all of my mail.

I need something which :

  • will handle multiple accounts (at least a dozen), and keep them separate
  • has good search capabilities (message body too, not just header) partial sender address, wildcard searches, date range searches, all of these combinable
  • a bunch of plugins would be nice
  • I especially want GPG support
  • and I don't want it scanning my emails & using me as "the product"
  • has IMAP support
  • allows me to schedule how often it checks for new mail (not once an hour, like Gmail)
    • supports common mailbox formats, so that I could switch to a new client & import
  • tags are nice
  • mark as "in need of reply" & remind me

I don't need a calendar or fancy address book, but won't object. Low resource usage would be nice. Stable, with good support & an active user community.

Gratis (and add-free) would be great, but I am willing to pay, if there is a compelling reason. I don't need open source, but don't object to it.

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    Afraid no such thing exists. There might be one client for both systems, but secure and for both systems I don't know. What's so wrong about using K-9 for Android, and a different one for Windows? // PS: if you are "willing to pay", the gratis tag contradicts that (as it says this is a requirement). – Izzy Jun 17 '18 at 20:09
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    I removed the gratis tag. I will settle for secure-ish. The main thing is that I don't want Google looking at my email. Preferably no large companies. I have many email addresses, for many purposes; most are on my own servers, and I am going to get rid of any Gmail, etc Multiple address/in-boxes, plus GPG would do it. Default is Thunderbird and K9, but it would be nice to use a single app on both platforms – Mawg Jun 18 '18 at 6:34

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