(This is not the duplicate of GTD Android App and GTD web or cross-platform app.)

I'm looking for a GTD app with following features:

  • Home widget which accepts single tap activity to
    • mark a task: done, deleted, do it later
    • add/edit task
  • Let me maintain long check lists, nested lists, grouped lists etc.
  • I can mark some tasks from the checklist to do it today
  • Today list should be just the reference list of tasks from other checklist
  • Multi platform (Android, and web)
  • Supports priority matrix (recommended but optional)
  • One time purchase is fine

Why not checklist app?

It matches most of the features I'm looking for. But

  • Don't have priority matrix (can be ignored)
  • Need to copy paste tasks from other lists to today list

Why not Taskpad?

Really good, specially adding task from widget. But

  • Difficult to maintain long lists
  • Don't support nested lists
  • Need 3 taps to mark a task done
  • No separate list for today

Why not Goal Meter? (I've tried its premium version)

It's cool art make me relaxed. But

  • Need 3 taps to mark a task done
  • Beautiful arts reduce number of tasks to display on the home widget
  • Multiple taps to add a task
  • People who are using checklist.com web, you can use following snippet to make nested lists collapsible. Jun 27, 2018 at 5:03

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I believe this application can address all the feature I'm looking for in following ways.

  • For today virtual list
    • Either I can change the status of a task to "Next Action", or star a task, or change it's priority to "Top", or tag it as "today", or create a context "today" ... so many ways.
    • Then configure widget to show hotlist or a list satisfying any criteria given in above point.
  • For priority matrix, I'm tagging tasks as either urgent or important or both.
  • Syncing has an issue. But it has cross platform support.
  • It let me made long check lists. Nested checklists is a paid feature but I can create multiple folders in this case.

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