I have been using Utorrent for my (legal only) downloads.

It has an option "move completed downloads to ... <directory>".

How the program interprets that is "when any download completes, move it to the current value of <directory>".

How I want my bittorrent client to interpret it is "when any download completes, move it to the value of <directory> when the download began".


  • set directory to A
  • start download 1
  • set directory to B
  • start download 2
  • both downloads complete

Utorrent puts them both in B; I want 1 in A and 2 in B. Please let me know if that is not clear.

Other features are a bonus - the more, the better. Something long established and well supported is better, but that omen feature is of prime importance.


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https://qbittorrent.org does exactly what I want. Plus, it is one of the most pouplar torrent clients and "qBittorrent runs and provides the same features on all major platforms (Linux, macOS, Windows, OS/2, FreeBSD)".

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