I use officially recommended code editor Android Studio for writing programs with Android. And, the most important feature of it, which made me learn quickly from a zero is its code-suggestions. Not, only for that but also it helps to do quickly completing the code and :

write less, use Enter much

Now, I'm new to Arduino, and the official IDE seems worst to me since it doesn't provide any code suggestions, doesn't warn me if I didn't put semicolons at line end. All it shows at the compile time, which is very disturbing to me.

Is there any IDE for Arduino which provides,

code-suggestions | lint warnings like features?


Use Programino - it supports Code Auto-Complete and has more awesome features.


If you're not ready to pay, you can use Microsoft VS Code too. It has a responsive UI and also supports code- autocomplete & Arduino flashing.


Update#1: I think the VS Code has the most relevance in this case.

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