After a long road with Randoop.NET as a unit test suggestion tool, my developing team has decided to upgrade to a commercial tool which will provide us a full unit testing framework for professional TDD workflow.

  • super important for it to include a well-performing runner AND a mocking framework, the coverage part is less relevant but can be an advantage.
  • must be super user-friendly and easy to manage but yet powerful and efficient.

P.S - We work on VS2017 with .net framework

Thanks for any help!


I've been using Typemock's Isolator for a few years and it works really well. I think it fits your needs because:

  • it is a full unit testing framework
  • it has a feature called "suggest", that creates test suggestions automatically
  • it has a test runner
  • it includes a mocking framework
  • it has a coverage tool
  • it integrates with VS2017

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