The IETF site has some nice properties:

  • Links from the HTML version to the TXT and the PDF versions
  • Links to sections, other documents
  • Format for PDF, HTML and TXT nearly identical
  • Page numbers, authors name
  • Subsequence versions that obsolete a document

I'm thinking about using building our internal document system base on the format of IETF (not sure that other people will like that, or it's me). But I don't know which tools and document to use.

What are the tools involved to build such sites:

  • Editor
  • Document format/syntax: that not markdown, man page… Look like vim help, but they are not the same, consider the footer and header
  • HTML renderer and linker
  • PDF renderer and linker
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    View the page source of an RFC and you see in the meta tags... creator rfcmarkup version 1.126 - that would seem to be just a small part of it, but maybe a start? – MrWhite May 29 '18 at 20:53

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